Into the Museum's Collection
  • "70 GREEK CHILDREN IN THE HANDS OF ATTILA SEEK FREEDOM". Political Poster of the Panhellenic Committee of Parents and Relatives of Undeclared Prisoners.
  • "A CYPRUS FOR CYPRIOTS". Political Poster of EDEK (United Democratic Union of Centre).
  • "A MATTER OF LIFE". Political Poster of the Committee of Parents and Relatives of Cyprus Missing Persons, 1977.
  • "A new map of Greece constructed chiefly from original materials, in which it has been attempted to improve the ancient and modern geography of that country". Map of Greece. Black ...
  • "Abbildung der Besten Statt CANDIA WIESOLCHE VON DEN Turcten zum [.]ten mahl Belagert worden im jahr 1667 und 1669, den Ibris mit Accord uber geben worden". View of the city of H...
  • "Abbildung des Stadt und Castell Athen". View of the city of Athens during the siege by the Venetian Morosini. Black and white copper engraving.
  • "ACTIVATION". Poster of the Ministry of Labour.
  • "Admiral Kakoulidis". Courtroom sketch from the Trial of the Six by Periklis Vyzantios, November 1922.
  • "ADMIRAL P. KOUNDOURIOTIS", Portrait of Pavlos Koundouriotis, oil painting on canvas by Konstantinos Parthenis.
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