Photographs and relics accompanied by testimonies, press articles and videos, narrate the events of the Greek- Turkish War (1919-1922), until the retreat of the Greek army, the destruction of Smyrna.  
Texts: Iphigenia Vogiatzi. Translation: Natalia Papageorgiou. Layout: Alexis Veroucas, Vassiliki Carmiri. Athens, 2022, p. 92. (greek-english)
Concept-Design-Coordination of Publication: Efthymia Papaspyrou. Editor of publication-greek texts: Maria Papanastasiou. Collaboration: Panagiota Panariti. Translation: Alexandra Dumas, Athens 2016, p. 95.
Editing: Iphigenia Voyatzis. Athens 2012, p. 102.
Editor of publication: Efthymia Papaspyrou. Athens 1994, p. 124. (2nd edition)