The Collection of Popular Prints numbers about 1,200 images published and circulated from the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century in Greece and abroad.
The Collection includes creations of academic painters which were executed in the technique of copper-plate engraving, lithography and more rarely woodcut and zinc etching.
The Collection comprises three main units of major historical value.
The Collection includes about 100 complete uniforms of eponymous officers of the Greek Army and of diplomats
22 March 21


The Collection was set up in the years 1882-1886 and includes about 950 seals.
22 March 21


Formation of the Sculpture Collection commenced from the founding of the HESG
The Collection numbers about 2,000 objects, which fall into two main categories:
The Collection consists of about 200 historical pieces of furniture, of Greek and European manufacture and provenance, which belonged to eminent personalities of Hellenism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
22 March 21


The Collection includes about 500 compositions by Greek and foreign artists, and sets of works.
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