Portraits of the Revolution

September 5th – October 31st, 2021
Monday-Sunday 10: 00-17: 00
Hydra Municipal Market
Art works from the National Historical Museum collections are placed side by side with creations of distinguished, contemporary, Greek artists.

Regular people in irregular circumstances could be the subtitle of the current exhibition, which is trying to reintroduce the figures of 1821 focusing on their human dimension. Fighters and their loved ones, elderly people, women, children, distinguished and undistinguished everyday heroes who, due to peculiar circumstances, surpassed themselves, welcome guests by bringing together fragments of features, period dresses, people, and heroes thus becoming springing sources of the contemporary pieces of the exhibition.

Pieces from the National Historical Museum’s collections, historical portraits of known and unknown Greeks of the Revolution, many of which have not been presented yet to the public, are placed side by side with works by contemporary renowned Greek artists, proposing together a new way to approach the Greek Revolution protagonists, beyond the standardized images we are all familiar with.

The exhibition’s main body presents contemporary portraits, paintings, and sculptures, which depict known and lesser-known protagonists of the Greek Revolution. Each one was chosen by the hosted artists highlighting the human dimension of those people who gave documented or untold battles in the name of a Nation. A lot of these pieces are based on known images but at the same time, they bear the signature of the artistic individuality and the ambitions of their creators. Other pieces were invented from scratch, with the help of a historical note, an archived letter, a poem, an oral testimony, an unidentified portrait of a man, woman, or child that one may find in an old book or a museum gallery. 

The exhibition is presented in Hydra under the commemorative program of the National Historical Museum and the Municipality of Hydra, celebrating 200 years since the beginning of the Greek Revolution.


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