Temporary Exhibitions

Exhibition at the Thessaloniki History Centre. A cooperation project of 12 National History Museums of Southeast Europe.
In collaboration with the Centre of Byzantine, Modern Greek and Cypriot Studies in Granada and the University of Granada.
Relics kept in the museum and in the Historic Documents Archive of the Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece.
The National Historical Museum and the Union of Smyrniots invite you to the opening of the exhibition "The Greek Press of Smyrna
The National Historical Museum participated in the celebration of the European Heritage Days 2013 to the theme "The Face of Time".
The exhibits belong to the collections of the National Historical Museum. Visitors will have the opportunity to see uniforms
The Union of Smyrniots in collaboration with the National Historical Museum, inaugurates the exhibition entitled "Smyrna.
European caricature and cartography display the European dimension of the long efforts to integrate the previously ottoman.
The exhibition continues its cultural journey after the first presentation in the Budapest History Museum on April 2, 2009
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